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If Trees Could Tell Stories

Photographic Collage, 900 x 25.8cm
(7.2 x 8.6cm each)

If trees could tell stories, the trees at the Singapore Botanic Gardens will tell you about the moments where they witnessed humans from different walks of life taking time out to observe and make photos of them and their habitat. In this 9-metre long artwork, the images take us to scenes shot by the community, featuring The Swan Lake, the 5-dollar Tembusu, swings at the Frangipani Lawn, Sundial Garden, Bonsai Garden, Sun Garden, Vanda Miss Joaquim plot, The Band Stand and more.

The project was first conceptualised from the Under A Tree botanical sculptures series to collect stories and memories of people spent in nature. During the workshop, participants are introduced to the Fujifilm Instax SQ6 camera and the concept of composite instant-photographs with the examples by David Hockney to make a composition of 8 to 9 Instax films of selected subjects in the Gardens.​ The photos captured by the different participants are then connected into a bigger narrative envisioned by Susanna.

If Trees Could Tell Stories is a 9-metre long photographic collage by Susanna and 45 community members. In the months of February and March 2021, friends and visitors of the Gardens signed up for a 2-hour on-site workshop session with the artist to co-create the photographic collage every Tuesday and Sunday. This artist-in-residency programme at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is part of Arts@SBG and is supported by National Arts Council.

9 Metres  •  45 Stories  •  450 Images

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