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Fah Fah Sai Gai

Collaborative Art Practice

「 花 花 世 界 」Fah Fah Sai Gai is a collaborative art practice established to further explore the relevances and relationships of humans and plants. The name「 花 花 世 界 」Fah Fah Sai Gai is drawn from a Chinese idiom and it hints at a transient world teeming with gaiety and splendour. A literal translation of the name in English describes a ‘flower world’ and it allows the practice to contain everything nature related or inspired.


In its search for finding meaning in an earthly world,「 花 花 世 界 」Fah Fah Sai Gai creates a body of work that narrates the human condition with plants and flowers as mediators. With a conceptual approach centered on the importance of human connection and experience, the practice wishes to create memorable moments that invite people to engage in.

「 花 花 世 界 」Fah Fah Sai Gai first started as an alter ego that modestly functions like a ‘ghostwriter’ of fresh cut-flower bouquets for people. The making starts with the sharing of personal stories; getting to know the recipient and occasion through the gifter’s account. The flowers are then sagaciously arranged with the recipients in mind, reflecting their personalities in unique colour palettes, plant and flower species. Each created bouquet is akin to a commissioned portrait, only that they are represented in the language and aesthetics of flowers.

Apart from the flowers recipients, commissions and collaborations partners include — 72andSunny (Singapore), nana & bird, Hutan Tropical Goods & Services, Nanatang: Bakehouse & Studio, LASALLE College of the Arts, Gelam Gallery.

View more collaborative projects and interests on @fahfahsaigai.

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