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233 — 画 

Oil on canvas, 100 x 120cm.


233 — 花

Statice Limonium, floral foam, nylon lines. Varied sizes.


A flower tribute extends the imagery of commemoration and the act of giving fresh flowers for well-wishes and condolences is a practice made common. Contrary to the intent, cut flowers are in their dying process once removed from the main plant and it is truly quite an ironic idea to send dying matter for well wishes. Plants as metaphorical devices go way back in art history and devoid of an emotive face, they have heightened utilities as representational strategies of a human.


「 花,像 」is a painting & botanical sculpture installation that sits in the room of 233 Joo Chiat Road and immortalises the pity of cut-flowers for 48 hours. The installation is Susanna Tan’s continued pursuit in lending some insights to the clouded disappointments, regrets, and love in loss.

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