Hutan in the City: Weekend Plan(t)s

13th & 14th July 2019, Office for Applied Arts & Artifacts

Jungle of Eden is a three-part batik series following a snake’s journey in an unspecified jungle of the tropics. A master of disguise and deception, the snake takes the shapes and forms of nature's wonders. Lurking both obscurely and conspicuously, the wait to meet Man unfolds into a familiar story of the fall of mankind. Jungle of Eden is an artistic interpretation of the Garden of Eden in a Southeast Asian setting. 

This limited batik series is a collaboration between Hutan Tropical and 花花世界 (Fah Fah Sai Gai), and is traditionally produced by the batik artisans of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

The series was officially launched over the weekend of 13th & 14th July 2019, at the Office for Applied Arts & Artifacts.

a dash, a stain, a meeting

9th April — 1st June 2018, NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

'a dash, a stain, a meeting' is a duo exhibition showcasing paintings from Susanna Tan and Leow Wei Li. Through their distinctly different aesthestics, they aim to reveal the metaphors of human mortality and the metaphysical qualities of paint. Beyond their individual paintings, They have also worked together to present a collaborative work which demonstrates an integration of their paradoxical approaches to the use of paint.

It's been awhile

15th — 30th March 2018, One East Asia Gallery

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